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    Oprah Oscar Special-Jennifer Hudson to appear

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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Want to go to the premiere?

    Do you want to go to the premiere in Los Angeles? Well, here is your chance. Someone is auctioning off two tickets to the DREAMGIRLS premiere in LA on EBAY. 100% of the proceeds going to support Variety - The Children’s Charity of Southern California. It is a great charity that gives help to Los Angeles children in need. Please visit their site at varietysocal.org for more info on what they do. Click here to place your bid!

    Watch a Clip

    You can watch part of a scene from DREAMGIRLS on aol.com. Click here to see it. It's the scene where Marty quits as Jimmy's mananger because Curtis has taken control of Jimmy's career. Check it out!

    Source: Thanks Dreamgirlsnorth

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Listen Video

    Didn't I say it would be on youtube in no time?

    Listen Video Screencaps

    There is no youtube video yet but here are some screencaps from the video. You can also watch the video on trl.mtv.com. If you can't watch it on trl.mtv.com be patient because it should be on youtube very soon.

    Source: starsareblind.com

    Dreamgirls Wakes Up

    There is an article in the New York Observer about DREAMGIRLS that you can read online. The picture above is also from the article. Here's an excerpt:

    "She killed it!” excitedly exclaimed a male audience member, filing out of the Loews theater on 34th Street on Nov. 21, after an early screening of Dreamgirls, the $70 million–plus joint release from Paramount/DreamWorks.

    He was referring to Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of the iconic Broadway torch song “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” five mellifluous, molto vibrato minutes that have suddenly catapulted Ms. Hudson, 25, an erstwhile failed American Idol contestant and Disney cruise-ship entertainer, into the position of front-runner for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. And that’s just the appetizer.

    “It’s theirs to lose,” declared a veteran industry insider, of a Best Picture contest that is fast shaping up to be yet another battle between the elites of Los Angeles and New York (like Crash versus Brokeback Mountain last year): big fistfuls of Dreamgirls stardust flung against the gangster grit of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. But even jaded New Yorkers, judging from the unabashed applause that followed The Song last week, seem to be in a receptive mood for a little old-school, feel-good Hollywood bada-bing. It is wartime, after all.

    With that applause came a palpable exhalation of relief: This was not going to be another Rent or Phantom of the Opera train wreck. Dreamgirls, the movie, a quarter of a century in the making, the gay man’s Lord of the Rings, just might … yes! … live up to the hype."

    Read the rest of the article here.

    Source: New York Observer

    For Your Consideration Pt. 2

    Source: Oscarwatch.com

    The Today Show

    Al Roker visits the set of DREAMGIRLS and talks with all three ladies that make up The Dreams. It's definitely a nice segement and if you haven't seen the movie you get to see a few clips. Plus, the ladies are all interviewed in costume, check out Beyonce's wig. You can watch the interview from this morning right here.

    Source: Thanks helloat

    Making The Video

    Don't forget to watch Making The Video today at 3pm ET on MTV. It will be behind the scenes stuff for "Listen" followed by the premiere of the video. You can catch the premiere of the video again at 11pm ET on MTV. Im sure it will be on youtube in no time.

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    For Your Consideration

    Half of a Variety Ad:

    Source: Thanks B

    Meet Jennifer Hudson

    This Thursday at the Cambridge Side Gallery, Jennifer Hudson will be meeting fans and singing autographs. If you’re in the Cambridge area, don’t miss this chance to meet a Dreamgirl.

    Date: Thursday, November 30th
    Time: 10:00AM - 11:15AM
    Location: Cambridge Side Galleria - 100 Cambridge Side Place - Cambridge, MA

    Lifebeat is also offering an opportunity to meet Jennifer Hudson. They will be hosting an exclusive benefit screening and VIP reception on Dec. 5th at the IFC Center in New York City. Proceeds will benefit the fight against AIDS. To find out ticket prices and more information click here.

    Source: Thanks Tyler, DG Myspace

    15 secs of Listen

    Cindy Adams Approves

    Columnist Cindy Adams of Page Six from the New York Post gave a quick review of DREAMGIRLS in her column.

    "BEST film to come along in forever is "Dreamgirls." Doesn't lag a second. Doesn't do dumbed-down vulgar. Doesn't come off overproduced. Doesn't suffer a director so in love with himself and his artistry that his camera lingers everywhere too long. What is does do is entertain at breakneck speed. Excellent story told excellently at the hands of excellent director Bill Condon. Beyoncé is very able. Superb singer, beautiful woman and also talented actress. All the performances - Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover - are superior. But Oscar-worthy is newcomer Jennifer Hudson. Her character Effie, heavyset lead singer of the "Dreamettes," quits the trio after being passed over for Beyoncé. This lady's magic. At my screening, the audience, in the dark, tough critics all, applauded her"

    To read the column click here.

    The Today Show

    Set your tivo for the following dates. The Today Show is having a few DREAMGIRLS segments you should check out.
    • 11/29 The Today Show will be on the set of Dreamgirls talking with the cast.
    • 12/1 Danny Glover will be a guest on The Today Show
    • 12/5 Beyonce will perform
    • 12/12 Jennifer will perform

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Quick News...

    • Read the Rolling Stone review on DREAMGIRLS. Click here.
    • Jennifer Hudson signs to Arista. Click here.
    • NY premiere will now be at the Ziegfiled and the LA premiere at the Wilshire Theatre.

    Dreamgirls Collectors Program

    If you are going to the Road Show you will be getting this program at the screening. However, if you can't go but would like to own the program you can now order it at amazon.com. Click here to pre-order the program which is 48 pages in length and is described as: "The souvenir guide to the Dreamgirls motion picture experience. Includes cast portraits, illustrated musical numbers, and cast and crew credits." This is different from the pictorial moviebook which is also up for pre-order here.

    Source: Thanks JeepGuy

    Dreamgirls in Germany

    We are worldwide baby! Here's the movie poster for the German market. You can also watch the trailer in German right here. It's so funny to see the trailer in German especially when the guy says, "1,2,3 hit me!" Something about it is so funny.

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    Press Conference

    Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy were in a press conference last week talking about DREAMGIRLS.

    Source: Concreteloop

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    'Listen' Video Premiere

    Apparently, the video for "listen" is premiering tonight at 11pm ET on MTV. So look out for that and I'm sure it will be online soon after the premiere.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I've been a little under the weather so sorry for the lack of updates. I uploaded the scans for the GIANT magazine article on DREAMGIRLS. Click on the image to open and click on the image again to make it larger. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Source: Thanks KJC!

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    The Oprah Winfrey Show

    Update: I added Eddie's part and Beyonce's performance.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Beyonce Performs "Listen"

    Source: Thanks aashac!


    Jennifer Hudson has confirmed to Access Hollywood that she is signed with Clive Davis' J Records.

    The Hollywood stars seem to be aligned for Jennifer Hudson. Access Hollywood has
    confirmed that the former "American Idol" contestant signed a record deal with
    Clive Davis' J Records. Jennifer revealed her plans to Access this past Saturday
    at the "A Fine Romance" event in Hollywood.
    Click here to see the video.

    Also, Beyonce will be on Nightline at 11:35 ET on ABC. Here is an excerpt form an article about the interview.

    "When I watch the movie, I don't see myself at all," Knowles said. "There are
    certain moments when I watch the movie and I'm so upset. … At one point that I
    had to look at my mom, and say, 'Oh I can't stand Deena.' Like it wasn't me. But
    that's how I know I did my job." That very weakness and timidity, however,
    provide a point of contrast for the transformation that Deena finally undergoes.
    "By the end, I have my strength. By the end, I find my voice," Knowles said.
    "And it's because she is so passive and she completely has no opinions, when she
    finally does it's so effective and so powerful."
    Click here to read the full article and be sure to watch tonight.

    Don't Forget...

    Don't forget to watch Oprah today! The cast will be on her show doing an hour long show. You can see a preview of the show here from Oprah's website. There are also pictures and quotes on the website . In addition, you can watch a behind the scenes clip that I posted last week, click here.

    Source: The Oprah Winfrey Show

    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Inside The Actors Studio

    He may have been reclusive with the media since a barrage of personal dilemmas but Eddie Murphy is coming out of his shell in a very major way.

    The 'Beverly Hills Cop' actor will make a very rare appearance on the 12-time nominated series 'Inside The Actors Studio' Dec. 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. on the Bravo network.

    Source: Thanks Norman

    Friday, November 17, 2006

    TV Updates

    Here are some DREAMGIRLS related tv segements you should watch:

    E! News Movie Guide Special: Hot Holiday 15. It will aired tonight but you can catch it again 11/18 at 8:30am & 11/21 at 8am on E!.

    Access Hollywood will have a tease of Monday’s “Oprah” with the cast of “Dreamgirls.” Once again it might have already aired tonight but you can still catch it on the West coast and it airs late at night again for the East Coast. Check your local listings.

    On Monday be sure to catch Oprah because the cast will be there! Check you local listings.

    Official Website Update

    The official website for DREAMGIRLS has been updated. Lorell's page is now open for business. So go over to the official website and click on "The Players" and then click on "Lorell Robinson"

    Click here: DREAMGIRLS Official Website

    One Night Only Video

    Here is a video for "One Night Only" that I got from somelikeitscott.com. It has some scenes that I did not see in the film. It's a nice video but it's the dance remix of "One Night Only" and not the original version. However, if you haven't seen the film there's a lot of quick clips and some nice scenes from the VOGUE photoshoot Deena does in the movie.

    Watch: One Night Only Video

    If that link does not work click here and scroll down to view different links.

    Source: somelikeitscott.com

    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    New Dreamgirls Commerical

    Source: Thanks amartinpr2

    Behind The Scenes with Oprah

    Here's the segment from Oprah I was telling you all to watch. It has some behind the scenes footage of the cast at the taping and beyonce rehearsing "Listen." Also, Oprah calls Jennifer to tell her how proud she is of her performance. Check it out, be sure to watch Oprah this Monday.

    "It is a transcendent performance. It is a religious experience. Do you understand? Brillant, transcendent, fierce. I am so proud of you. I am so proud of you." -Oprah speaking to Jennifer Hudson

    For Your Consideration

    Source: Thanks Matt!

    EW Advanced Screening

    Entertainment Weekly will be hosting advance screenings for DREAMGIRLS on December 13th in the following cities:

    Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, NY, LA, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC

    If you are interested in attending one of these screenings click here. They will e-mail your passes to you a few days before the screening.

    Source: Thanks Fabianca for the tip!


    Just a little heads up! On today's Oprah there will be a segment showing Oprah calling Jennifer to tell her how much she loved her performance in DREAMGIRLS. So be sure to watch today! Check your local listings for the time but I know it airs at 4pm on the East coast.

    Dreamgirls Screening

    Last night was incredible. Bill Condon really did a great job, not only was the original story line still in tact but he added some layers to the second half to really make the characters and story more complete. It was truly entertaining and a wonderful ride last night. It was beautiful to watch and hear. Eveything was top notch, from the costumes to the music. Most of all the audience was very engaged with the film. We laughed, cheered, and I think I even heard a few sniffles.

    The acting all around was great, the casting was definitely on spot. But the true revelation in this film is Jennifer Hudson. From the moment she walks on screen she just owns it. She is Effie through and through. If she is not nominated I will be very surprised. Eddie Murphy is another highlight in the film, he owns the scenes he's in as well and I wish I could have seen more of him in the film. Beyonce did a good job as well, her growth as an actress really showed during the second half of the film. Anika Noni rose was a joy to watch and she stole a couple of moments herself. Jamie Foxx played Curtis cool and calm but with a dark edge. I liked that approach and Jamie played it perfectly.

    Overall, this is a must see. I will be in the theatre watching it again on Christmas day because one time is just not enough with this film. I could write a book but instead you can just ask me questions in the comments section.

    Here are some reactions from different media outlets. We will get more through out the day so I will just keep adding to the list.

    'Dreamgirls' is a dream come true — a perfect film (Golderby.com)
    'Dreamgirls' Fulfills All Oscar Dreams (Fox News)
    Dreamgirls Wake (moviecitynews.com)
    Dreamgirls" Screened to Applause...Who Smells Oscar? (rottentomatoes.com)
    In a Dazzling Adaptation, Jennifer Hudson Rockets to Fame (towelroad.com)
    The Eagle Has Landed (NY Times Carpetbagger blog)
    As Far As It Goes (Hollywood Elsewhere)
    Effie Supreme in Her Dream Role (London Daily Mail)

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    The Broadway Radio Show

    The Broadway Radio Show with Donald Feltham featured Brad Parker who was one of the storyboard artists for DREAMGIRLS. In the interview Brad gives some behind the scenes details and some other good information about the process. Click here to listen to the streaming audio and if that does not work click here for the official website.

    Source: Thanks Delmo6

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Dreamgirls in Your Area

    I haven't done one of these in a while but another prodcution of DREAMGIRLS is set to start in Brooklyn, New York. Ben Harney who played the original Curtis Taylor Jr. will be directing this production of DREAMGIRLS. Some details:

    Presented by BAMSS Theatre Works, performances will take place Friday-Saturday, November 17, 18, 24 and 25, at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, November 18 and 25, at 2 p.m.; and Sunday, November 26, at 5 p.m., in the Kumble Theater, located at the University's Brooklyn Campus, on the corner of DeKalb and Flatbush Avenues in downtown Brooklyn.

    Tickets are $49; Students and seniors with ID, $39; VIP seating with Pre-Show Reception for Opening Night on Saturday, November 18, $100.

    For more information on discounts available for youth groups, sororities and fraternities, call the Kumble Theater box office at (718) 488-1624 or visit www.kumbletheater.org.

    Source: Thanks Aashac and broadwayworld.com

    HBO First Look

    There will be a segment for DREAMGIRLS on the show HBO First Look. It will air December 12th at 8:30pm.

    Click here to view all the showtimes for HBO First Look DREAMGIRLS.

    Source: Thanks amartinpr2 for the tip.

    Ny Post and Denzel speak on it

    Liz Smith of the NY Post wrote a little blurb on DREAMGIRLS in her column. Here's an excerpt:

    "One thing is certain - everybody expects big box-office results from "Dreamgirls." Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. It's one of those photos that makes you stop and go, "Whoa!" In the EW piece, director Bill Condon pointedly remarks on Beyoncé's screen character, Deena Jones: "She is not Diana Ross. This is not a biopic." Nowadays, Diana and the Supremes connection doesn't resonate as it did when "Dreamgirls" was a Broadway smash more than 20 years ago. It's all lacquer and sequins under the bridge now. "
    Click here to read the full column.

    Denzel also commented on DREAMGIRLS in an article on moviesonline.com. Here's the excerpt:

    Q: Ever had déjà vu with romance?

    DW: I don't know. You know what? I had one today. I'm going to get the mail out of the mailbox, and I'm walking around and I'm out on the street by my front gate, and I've got a feeling somebody's going to drive by, so I just stood out there, and a white truck comes by and it stops, and it backs up, and it's Eddie Murphy. And I just had a feeling somebody was — I'll just stand here another second. And it wasn't 10 seconds he drove by and gave me the whole scoop on "Dreamgirls." He said the girl is stealing the movie. What's her name?

    A journalist shouts out ‘Jennifer Hudson.’

    DW: Okay. (laughs) That's her name. Does she? Have you seen it? Has anybody seen it yet? So she's good. They said she stops the movie, and the applause, as was the case for those of you, like myself, who saw Jennifer Holliday, it was an amazing moment in the theatre.

    Click here to read the full interview.

    Source: Thanks Aasahc, and Jg67

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    The Underdogs

    There is an article on billboard.com about The Underdogs duo who produced the DREAMGIRLS soundtrack. Here's an excerpt:

    "During the five years since the partnership took off with Tyrese's "I Like Them Girls" and subsequent R&B and pop hits with Ruben Studdard, Omarion and others, the Underdogs were offered work on various soundtracks. But the timing and desire didn't click until the pair was asked to lend its production talents to "Dreamgirls.""We knew we wanted to do films," says Thomas, nicknamed "the motivator" by Mason. Before the Underdogs, Thomas wrote songs with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds for Pink and Faith Evans, among others. "But we wanted to wait for a great opportunity."

    The Underdogs' first soundtrack venture was an ambitious undertaking. During a 14-month span, the duo worked on more than 40 songs and musical snippets for the DreamWorks/Paramount film."

    To read the full article click here.

    Source: Thanks Clavey, billboard.com

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    Mega Wednesday

    I am going to a screening of DREAMGIRLS this wednesday and I am very excited. Paramount is having screening across the country on wednesday and one of them happens to be in the New England area. The press will be attending these screenings and we can expect some reviews from them within the coming weeks. I will write my review when I get back and fill you in but with NO SPOILERS although most of us are familiar with the story.

    Here's another 'For your Consideration' ad from Variety.

    Source: Thanks B

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Listen CD Single

    Here is the album cover for the "Listen" promo cd single.

    Source: EBAY

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Chasing Down the Dreamgirls

    The full Entertainment Weekly article is now up on their online website. Click here if you would like to read it.

    Here's an excerpt of the article:

    "Twas roughly the night before Christmas, 2005, and in a Los Angeles house, a creature was stirring. Actually, he was more than stirring. He was agitated. Writer-director Bill Condon was due to start filming the ambitious musical Dreamgirls in less than two weeks, on Jan. 4, 2006, and he had intimations of doom.

    Why the panic attack? By and large, Condon was in great shape. He was an experienced filmmaker, having helmed 1998's Gods and Monsters (which brought him an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay) and 2004's Kinsey. He'd also written the script for 2002's Chicago, which won six Academy Awards including Best Picture. Clearly, he had this musical thing down, even if he'd never actually directed one.

    On top of those plus-column items, Condon had lined up one of the most musically talented casts in years — and arguably the strongest roster of African-American actors since that other high-profile white director's act of cinematic solidarity, Steven Spielberg's 1985 opus The Color Purple. Jamie Foxx, the Oscar winner from Ray, would play Curtis Taylor Jr., a ruthless early-1960s Detroit talent manager with more than a passing resemblance to Motown's real-life impresario Berry Gordy. Grammy winner Beyoncé Knowles would be Deena Jones, the Diana Ross-ish protégée whom Curtis discovers in a girl-singer trio, the Dreamettes (soon renamed Deena Jones and the Dreams — just like Diana Ross and the Supremes). Eddie Murphy would take on an unprecedented dramatic supporting role as James ''Thunder'' Early, a troubled, womanizingsoul-music powerhouse on a downward career arc, while Tony winner Anika Noni Rose was set for Lorrell, one of the original Dreamettes and also James Early's long-suffering mistress.

    Still, there was one crucial cast member Condon remained anxious about: Jennifer Hudson, a season 3 American Idol contestant who'd appeared in some regional theater and on a Disney cruise ship, but had never acted in a film. She was the last main performer hired. She'd beaten nearly 800 open-call candidates and a number of other semifinalists (including Idol winner Fantasia Barrino) for the part of Effie Melody White. As devotees of Michael Bennett's original Broadway production of Dreamgirls well know — and Condon belongs to that circle, having been mesmerized on opening night in 1981 — Effie is the chunky, cranky epicenter of the Dreamettes. She starts out singing lead before getting pushed into a backup slot, and winds up kicked out of the group altogether. Effie is a tortured, torturing Hamlet of a character, a diva di tutti divas. Legions of gay theater buffs (again, Condon included), along with plenty of straight theatergoers and critics, have been cultishly obsessed with Miss White ever since a 21-year-old named Jennifer Holliday brought her to life on stage."

    Click here for the full article.

    Source: Entertainment Weekly