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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Jennifer Sends A Message

    Jennifer Hudson updated her myspace yesterday with a new message. Here it is:



    Go ahead JHUD. I hope we will get to hear some of your new music soon. If you want to add Jennifer as a friend to your myspace click here: Jennifer Hudson's Myspace.

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    Quick Shout Out!

    I have to take a quick minute and shout out all my DREAMGIRLS brothers and sisters that have contributed so much to this site. People have been sending me all kinds of pictures, articles, information and capping videos for DREAMGIRLS fans that I had to say a quick thanks. I definitely could not gather all this information alone. So thanks to: CurtisTaylorJr. you are the video capper of all video cappers, Whasian Boy you made a killer banner for me, got the site looking fresh to def, Maximus Prime your're fine thats the only reason why I included you. J/K. LOL. Maximus you know why you are included. Thanks to all my imdb.com DREAMGIRLS family you were all among the first to support the site. Thanks to Jensback4ever you have the best throwback DREAMGIRLS OBC videos, the-ladies.com late night downloading would not be the same without your videos, J.M., Accuracy 1 for answering our nagging questions, and many many more. I honestly have to say so far this experience has been fun. Gathering all this info and reading the exciting e-mails and comments from fans around the country and the world is amazing. Seeing the movie finally coming to light is quite a thrill. It's only the beginning. See you at the next update.

    P.S. What do you all think of the new banner?

    Hudson in Entertainment Weekly

    Jennifer is featured in Entertainment Weekly. Here's a picture of her feature and what it says:
    Jennifer Hudson: Must Dreamgirl
    Age: 24
    Why her: So what if she got voted off American Idol's third season prematurely? A born belter with Whitney-esque power-ballad chops, the Chicago native beat out more than 700 competitors (including season 3 Idol winner Fantasia Barrino) for the role of divalicious Effie in the big-screen adaptation of the 1981 musical Dreamgirls, opposite Jamie Foxx and Beyoncé Knowles
    Best diva-role perk: "I got paid to be trouble."
    Surreal singing gig: Six months on a Disney cruise ship as a Hercules muse
    Don't call us...: Hudson, on her failed audition for the role of Joanne in the movie version of Rent: "They put me right out of the room. It just wasn't for me."
    Red-carpet regimen: "I'm working out trying to get all fit (for the premiere) so they'll go, 'That ain't Effie. Who is that?'"
    Next: Dreamgirls opens Dec. 22; Hudson's also working on a debut album with plenty of "old-school R&B, my preferred style."

    Source: Thanks WomanlikeBee and Whasianboy for the pic/article, Entertainment Weekly

    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    It's About To Go Down!

    UPDATE: Download the commercial HERE. Someone has a High Quality full version of the commercial and should be posting it today. So once I get it I will reupload the better version but you can all just enjoy this one for right now.

    UPDATE: FULL CLIP provided by curtistaylorjr. Thanks and enjoy!

    Update: I have the commercial now available for viewing. It is missing the first 12 seconds so I am working on getting the full one. But enjoy this for now.

    Update: The commercial aired already and it was amazing. I will have video soon. (wink wink Curtis) So check back, it might be kind of late though. For now here is a clip of Beyonce's opening performance.

    Alright my DREMAGIRLS brother and sisters, the day has arrived. We finally get to see the next installment of DREAMGIRLS commercials. The 60 second spot will air sometime tonight between 8-11pm ET during the BET Awards. I will be udpdating this post (updates in red) through out the night with pictures (many of the principal cast will be there), video and audio. So check back later on, or periodically through out the night. Anyone who is planning on capping the commercial could you e-mail me and let me know if you can help with providing download links. I just want to make sure I have a back up plan because there a lot of people who live outside of the U.S. who visit the site and want to watch the commercial just like us. So be kind and share. :) Ok, I will post once I get more info.

    I just wanted to post a few recent pics of Jennifer Hudson. My girl is looking fierce and I had to show everyone.

    DREAMGIRLS Casting Call

    Hey everyone, I'm going to try a new kind of post today. Someone approached me about putting up a casting notice for a production of DREAMGIRLS in New Jersey. So for those interested in acting out DREAMGIRLS on a stage instead of in the shower, keep reading.

    Casting Call Information

    Non-Union. Director: Caseen Gaines. The Hackensack Theatre Company and the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center are holding auditions for their upcoming musical – the 1981 Broadway hit “DREAMGIRLS.”

    Auditions will take place on July 10, 11, and 13 at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, 39 Broadway, Hackensack, NJ between 7:30pm and 10:00pm. All interested actors and singers should prepare two contrasting songs, one of which should be in a Motown style and a dramatic monologue.

    “DREAMGIRLS” will be performed at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center from September 15 until September 30.

    Seeking: Effie White (18-30): The 'Dreamettes' lead singer. A powerful and soulful voice needed.

    Deena Jones (18-30 / Mezzo-soprano with belt mix): Young, Diana Ross type.

    Lorelle Robinson (18-30 / Mezzo-soprano with high belt mix): Young, beautiful singer/dancer with attitude and humor.

    Curtis Taylor, Jr. (20-40 / Bari-tenor): Slick, handsome car salesman who becomes cunning musical agent.

    James 'Thunder' Early (20-40 / tenor): Wild, showy, song-and-dance man in the style of James Brown.

    C.C. White (18-30 / tenor): Young, naive songwriter who is manipulated by Curtis.

    Marty (25-45 / baritone): Veteran music agent who guides the early 'Dreams' with integrity.

    Michelle Morris (18-30 / mezzo-soprano): Ensemble member who steps into a featured role in Act II. Replaces Effie White in the 'Dreams.'

    Ensemble: Young, energetic singer/dancers who must be triple threats. Actors of all races welcome. *Principle characters are African-American. Ensemble and non-principle roles may be of any race. There will be no compensation for this production.

    * Please submit a headshot and resume to case@hackensacktheatrecompany.com

    If anybody decides to audition, please e-mail me and tell me how it went.

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS in Indianapolis

    Hey people, its about that time again. I've gotten some e-mails about different DREAMGIRLS shows around the country. Since some of them have not confirmed their details yet I will only post info about the Indianapolis show and then update later. A few people have e-mailed me about the Indianapolis show and this one is kind of special. It's special for a couple reasons but mainly because there is another American Idol in the cast. Trenyce from season two of American Idol is playing Deena Jones; she is joined by Joyce Licorish (Effie), and Lyn MacDonald (Lorell) who's played as Deena in the Broadway performance of DREAMGIRLS. The show is being directed by Bob Harbin and chreographed by Ken Shepard. It's been running for a week and is receiving rave reviews. DREAMGIRLS in Indianapolis will run from June 22nd to July 14th at Walker Theatre, tickets can be brought at ticketmaster.com. To find out more about the show, ticket price, and performers click here. Also, try and check out Joyce Licorish's website, she is an amazing singer and she is already getting great reviews for her portrayal of Effie White.

    Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming DREAMGRIRLS shows in your area.

    If anyone has info about other DREAMGIRLS shows please feel free to e-mail me with details and I will post it on the site. Thanks!

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Meet The Dreams

    New image just surfaced. and as you can see its similiar to a another Supremes cover. To see a larger and clearer version of Meet The Dreams cover, just click on the picture in the slide show.

    Update: I was sent another Supremes cover which actually resmebles the new DREAMGIRLS album cover more. I think that both Supremes album covers were used as a basis for the new cover. It's kind of like they merged the two album covers. Thanks for the picture Carlos!

    Source: Dc3forever forum

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    BET Awards and DREAMGIRLS

    Hey people, sorry about the lack of updates in a few days but I have some news I'm sure you will all love. Well, it looks like it's that time again. There will be DREAMGIRLS promo at the 6th annual BET AWARDS. Now I know not everyone watches BET but it stands for "Black Entertainment Television" and every year around June (since 2000) BET has had an award show that honors African-Americans (an other people of color) in the music, movie and sports field. This year the awards will not only have Beyonce (who plays Deena) open the show with her new single DeJa Vu but there will be some kind of DREAMGIRLS promo. I am not sure if it will be similiar to the Tony Awards but as I know more you will. The awards are airing on June 27th (Tuesday) at 8 PM/ET. There will be a live stream of the red carpet as well as a pre-show which can be viewed online as well as on your television screens. So set your TIVO's once again. Oh, and it wil be something new so don't expect the same footage. As always I will have the video available for viewing and download once I can get my hands on it. You can go check out the BET Awards site for more information about performers and presenters. Till Tuesday!


    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Dreamgirls Promo

    I am not sure how official this image is but its up for sale on ebay. Its suppose to be a magnet. Looks great. It's also in homage to The Supremes. The images will be in the picture of the week. So if you want to get a better look just click on it in the slide.

    Source: mmadluv72too (Dreams image) and viciously red(Supremes image)

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Village Voice Quote

    "The best 60 seconds of the whole night is the commercial for Dreamgirls! I'm gagging!"
    - Micheal Musto of Village Voice commenting on 2006 Tony Awards

    Dreamgirls Original Broadway Cast Commercial

    Since I just posted the new clip from DREAMGIRLS, I figured we could look at the original cast of DREAMGIRLS commercial. Scroll down to the next post to download audio and video from the new DREAMGIRLS clip. Enjoy this classic commerical and then watch the new one. :)

    Source: youtube.com

    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Download/ Watch New Dreamgirls Teaser Clip

    The DREAMGIRLS teaser clip is now available for viewing and download.


    DOWNLOAD: DREAMGIRLS Teaser Clip (Rapidshare Link)


    Download Audio: DREAMGIRLS

    Source: Tamarcus1 fro audio!

    Here are some pictures from the Tony Awards festivities that have been going on this past weekend. Jennifer Holiday (the original Effie), Hinton Battle, and Anika Noni Rose are pictured together at an event from this weekend.

    Source: TonyAwards.com

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    New Trailer This Sunday!

    Update: The trailer will air during commercial break. So no bathroom breaks. :)

    Hey everybody, I have some great news. There will be a new trailer from DREAMGIRLS this sunday at the Tony Awards. So set your Tivo's or VCR's. I will definitely have it availble for viewing and download on sunday night or early monday morning. So don't forget to watch this Sunday at 8pm ET on CBS!

    Source: welovebeyonce.com

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Dreamgirls on Stage and More!

    For all those that are in the St. Louis area, there is a production of DREAMGIRLS playing at the The Black Rep from May 24th until July 2nd. Click Here for more information on the price and scheduling. Click Here for a great review of the The Black Rep production of DREAMGIRLS written by Kevin C. Johnson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

    For those that are in the New York area, there will be a production of DREAMGIRLS playing at the Harlem Repertory Theatre in the months of June and July. Go HERE for specific dates and times but the first show is June 23rd. I know I will be going to the July 14th show since my birthday is the day before. I am so excited. I also heard that the director/choreographer of this production Keith Lee Grant is brillant. There will be productions of DREAMGIRLS all over the country, so as I get more information I will post. Hopefully, everyone will be able to see in on stage before watching it in the theatres.

    In other news, I have now made the Cannes interview on the red carpet that I posted yesterday available for download.

    Download: DREAMGIRLS Red Carpet Interview

    Source: Thanks J.M. for the play info.

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Another Cannes Interview Surfaces

    Another interview surfaced from Cannes. This time there is some footage of the director/writer Bill Condon being interviewed on the red carpet. Check it out.Click here: DREAMGIRLS

    Source: Thanks imdb