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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Dreamgirls Exclusive Montage (BET TV Spot)

    Finally, there is a official HQ version of the BET TV spot that aired during the BET Awards back in June. It's worth seeing again even if you've already seen it a million times like I have. The versions that I have posted before do not do it justice. I noticed some new things after watching the HQ and it also made me more hyped after seeing the montage crystal clear. Anyway, you have to have Quicktime to view it. Click here or you can click here and go to the link that says "Excluive Montage." If all fails, just go to Apple.com and look under trailers and find DREAMGIRLS. Also, check out the official site and look in their video section. They have all the making of featurettes and teaser trailer in HQ. However, they don't have the TV spot so you will have to follow the link I gave you.

    Source: Thanks OneNightOnly

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Jennifer sings a Gladys Knight Classic

    Jennifer Hudson sings the Gladys Knight classic "Neither One of Us". Besides the little mic glitch she is flawless.

    Source: Thanks John-Lewis for the heads up.

    Friday, August 25, 2006


    "Listen" the full song has leaked and I added it to the jukebox player. I won't make it available for download because we got to support the movie. So you can go out and buy it because it will be on Beyonce's new album B-Day, which is droppin on Sept. 4th internationally and Sept.5 state side. Beyonce sounds amazing. Also, it was said on Z100 that Beyonce shot the video already for "Listen." So we should have a video to go along with the song real soon.

    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    'Dreamgirls': The look is supreme

    USA Today has an article about DREAMGIRLS. It talks about the fashion in DREAMGIRLS and Shren Davis who was the costume designer. Here is an excerpt:

    "The whole approach that Sharen took visually was to get into the essence of the fashion, and not be too literal," says director/writer Bill Condon, who wrote 2002's Chicago. With the '70s, when much of the action unfolds, "it's a fine line between design and parody," he says. The goal? More Mahogany, less Brady Bunch."

    Click here to read the full article.

    Here are the pictures from the article:

    Source: ONeNIghtOnly

    Clip of Listen

    Here is a clip of one of the new songs that was written for the movie. It's "Listen" the new song for Beyonce's character Deena. It's about 30 secs , and it gives you a feel of the song.

    Listen (clip)
    Source: miGU

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Eurweb.com's DREAMGIRLS Review

    EURweb.com put up their review of the Monday nights press review. Here is an excerpt:

    " All we can say is when this movie comes out make sure you purchase your tickets in advance 'cause we have a feeling that this one will pack them in at the box office and tickets might be scarce opening weekend. If you're wondering, the singing and stage production is unbelievable and the acting is top notch. (Yep, Miss B has stepped up her game in that department, too). Several scenes blew our minds: Eddie Murphy's James Brown-like singing and performing along with his patented comedic antics. Also, Beyonce's incredible beauty is highlighted like never before in a photo shoot montage that's breathtaking. Come to think of it, every scene we saw was mind blowing. Oh yeah, it's a cinch for multiple Academy Award nominations, too. In particular, there's already Oscar buzz for Jennifer Hudson's portrayal of Effie."

    To read the full article click here.

    Source: EURweb.com

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    They Love it! They really love it!

    The press preview happpened on Monday night and some analysis has popped up from some well known film columnists and critics. Jefferey Wells has an extensisve analysis of why DREAMGIRLS will be up against Flags of Our Fathers during Oscar 2007. Here are some highlights from the analysis:

    "But I'm all but convinced it's going to come down to a Flags vs. Dreamgirls thing -- a mano e mano on Melrose Ave. I'm saying this because of fresh perceptions of extremely strong emotional currents in both. And because, as one strategist notes, "there's such a shallow pool of obvious [Best Picture] contenders from our current vantage point of mid-August."

    "And having seen portions of Bill Condon's knockout Dreamgirls again last night I'm dead certain it's a Best Picture lock. Four scenes were shown, and each was emotional, exuberant, tight as a drum, perfectly staged and performed, and edited with the skill of a diamond-cutter."

    Tom O'Neil of The Golden Derby wrote this in the Wired section of Wells column.

    "For Hudson's performing of "the most anticipated scene in one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year, director Bill Condon fretted so much over shooting it that he saved it up for last and shut down the set so no one could spy on the scene," O'Neill writes. "All early buzz indicates that Dreamgirls is about to transform Hudson into a superstar," he adds. "[And] she's already the frontrunner for the Supporting Actress Oscar." O'Neill is correct about this -- Hudson is the one to beat right now. I saw the Dreamgirls scenes Monday night at the Pacific Design Center and listened to Hudson belt out three tunes like a champ. She's got the hot role in Dreamgirls -- the one with the most soul and punch and heartache. I didn't think I'd be saying this, but the great Meryl Streep needs to put herself into the Best Actress category after all for her Devil Wears Prada performance. If she goes for Best Supporting Actress she'll almost certainly lose to Hudson."

    To read the full Jeffery Wells analysis click here and to read O'Neil's click here.

    Source: The Golden Derby and Hollywood Elsewhere.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Jennifer Hudson to Perform at House of Blues

    If you are around the Anaheim area and interested in seeing Ms. Hudson here is an opportunity. The event isn't until October, so if you're not around the area you have some time to plan a trip. I'm sure Ms. Hudson will make it worth the trip.

    I love that little picture of her, she looks beautiful. Anyway, check it out if you are of age (21+).

    Source: Thanks Gloriajay for getting the pic.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Entertainment Weekly Scans

    Here are scans from Entertainment Weekly which features DREAMGIRLS in its latest issue. Be sure to pick it up at newsstands. Thanks to Noelle for the scans.

    Source: Thanks Noelle for the scans.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS Press Preview on Monday

    Tom O'Neil from The Envelope revealed on his site that there will be a press review this Monday in which Jennifer Hudson will be attending. Here is an excerpt from the column he wrote about the early screening reviews.

    "I can tell you lots more about this film after Monday night when I attend a press preview, hosted by Condon, producer Laurence Mark and star Jennifer Hudson, that will reveal more scenes from the pic. "

    I will have my eye out for his review. I'm sure he will post sometime late Monday or Tuesday about the press screening. Click here to read the whole column.

    Source: Thanks aashac for the tip and Goldenderby.com

    Entertainment Weekly's Guide to Upcoming Films

    Entertainment Weekly has a guide to the upcoming films on its website. They also have this new picture (above) of The Dreams on their site. Here is an excerpt:

    "While promoting Miami Vice in July, Jamie Foxx made sure he squeezed in plenty of shout-outs for Dreamgirls, too, even though it's still months from release. The way he sees it, he's got to tub-thump early. ''It's a different animal,'' says Foxx. ''It's a musical, so you have to grow [support] right now. There's a lot of movies in December...so you gotta make sure you stay in their face.''

    To read the ariticle click here. Entertainment Weekly also has a feature on Anika Noni Rose. So go and pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly to get a hardcopy of the picture and articles.

    Source: Thanks cwrdlylyn for the tip and ew.com.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS Early Screening Reviews

    Yesterday there was an early screening of DREAMGIRLS. A few people from the imdb boards attended and have posted their reviews. Click here to be connected to the board. Also Aintitcool.com also posted reviews of their early screening experience. Click here to read that. Let me just tell you. After reading all the reviews I am just excited. I'm also green with envy but my time will come. :) Here's a little excerpt from aintitcool.com's review:

    "As soon as the movie began, I knew Dreamgirls was in no way a traditional Broadway meets Hollywood musical. Writer/director, Bill Condon, intelligently stripped the movie of any Broadway cheesiness you might have seen in other movie musicals like The Producers and Rent. He instead kept the majority of the performances on stage and out of the street. By the time the first song was sung off stage, I was so engaged in the story I completely failed to notice or mind that it had even happened. The music itself is so infectiously singable. It has a vintage soulfulness that I think could easily make a big hit in todays music industry. It was no doubt a huge hit during the screening. Almost every number received cheering and loud applause. It was amazing to see the audience filled with energy and excitement after each number."

    Click here to read the full review.

    Another review has surfaced. Click here to read it. Here's an excerpt:

    "If you asked me before what I was going to think of this movie, I would have guessed it was going to be just OK, but my girlfriend was going to love it. So much for my predictions. I tell you man, this movie is F****** AMAZING. Definitely the best I've seen for a long, long time.I loved this movie, and the whole audience there went completely bananas for it. I saw the trailer probably six months ago but didn't have a feeling one way or the other about it. I didn't have any idea it was going to be as good as it is."

    Click here to read another review that I just found.

    Perezhilton.com now has a review up from one of his readers that attended the early screening. Click here to read that.

    SourcE: Thanks aashac for the tip and aintitcool.com

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Oh Anika!

    Here is a clip (finally) of Anika Noni Rose singing "Let's Hear it for The Boys" from Footloose. Of course she sings the hell out of the song. She has a great voice, and I can't wait to hear more of her voice.

    I also highly recommend that you watch this performance of Anika singing "Can't Help Lovin That Man of Mine" from Showboat. Click here. Simply amazing.

    Source: Thanks Paniolo06 and Jencan

    Jennifer Singing with the Family

    Here is a clip of Jennifer Hudson singing with some family members at a dinner function. I love this woman. She is so fierce, her voice is so powerful and she is funny. She clearly outsings the two guys standing next to her but it's all good someone got to sing back up. Anyway, check it out.

    Source: Thanks Rashadcascade for the tip.

    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Fashion Rocks Behind The Scenes

    Here are the scans from Fashion Rocks. I posted earlier about Jamie and Beyonce being on the cover. Well, thanks to cornerofbeyonce we now have the scans. You can see a clearer version if you click on the image in the pictures of the week section.

    There is a two page article with these pictures and if you would like to read it click here. Corner of Beyonce has HQ scans of the actual article, so just click on that link and then the picture of the article. This is a definant add if your're collecting articles and pictures. So go out and pick up Fashion Rocks if you can.

    Source: cornerofbeyonce and Fashion Rocks Magazine.

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    America's Got Talent

    This is a few weeks old but I just got around to posting it. It's eleven year old Bianca Ryan from America's Got Talent singing "And I am Telling You". What do you all think? Be honest. She tried, not bad for eleven.

    Check out another kid singing a DREAMGIRLS tune. This is Tiffany Evans at Star Search singing her rendition of "I am Changing".

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack Release Date

    This picture of the "One Night Only" record shows that the soundtrack will be out on December 12th. I think thats perfect timing. I can not wait.

    Edit: I'm hearing that the date on the record is wrong. We actually might get the soundtrack earlier than December 12th.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS- Hollywood's Hot New Musical

    Beyonce and Jamie are on the cover of Fashion Rocks with a behind the scenes set visit for DREAMGIRLS.

    "Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx are on the first cover and will be featured in the main story, a behind-the-scenes set visit of their upcoming movie, "Dreamgirls". The issue also has in-depth features on Elton John and Justin Timberlake and a sneak peek at Courtney Love's diaries. The magazine — which appeared as a free supplement in Vogue in previous years is tied to "Fashion Rocks," an September 7 event at Radio City Music Hall, which will feature musical performances by Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Bon Jovi, Black Eyes Peas, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Scissor Sisters and Kanye West. A two-hour special will air the following day on CBS." -mtv.com

    Be sure to pick that up when it hits newsstands. I should have scans soon, hopefully in HQ. If anyone gets it and scans it please send me a copy. Thanks!

    Source: MTV.com , Fashion Rocks and Melody thanks for the tip.

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    MTV.com and DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack

    MTV.com has a new article on the DREAMGIRLS soundtrack and its first single release. "Listen" will be the first single released from the sountrack. Read below:

    A few months after the release of her second solo album on September 5 (the day after her 25th birthday), Beyoncé will return to music stores as the centerpiece of the soundtrack to the Bill Condon-directed film adaptation of the Broadway show "Dreamgirls," due in theaters December 25. The soundtrack's first single, in fact, will be a Beyoncé track called "Listen" that is one of four new songs written for the movie and not featured in the original musical (several online retailers also say the song will be one of three unlisted bonus tracks on B'Day).

    The Underdogs descibed the song as:

    "It's a ballad, it's got a big orchestra, so it's totally different for her and for the radio and MTV and everybody — it's gonna be exciting," said Harvey Mason Jr. of production duo the Underdogs (Omarion, Mario, JoJo), who spent six months producing the soundtrack. "That's gonna be a big, big record."The album's track list is still being finalized, but Mason said the Underdogs recorded more than 50 songs for the movie. "It's got most of the stuff from the Broadway play, and we reinterpreted some of that," Mason said. "And then some small pieces of new stuff in between. We saw a screening of it last week and it's going to be an amazing movie."

    This is all great news. We will hear "Listen" way before it officially drops since it will be a bonus track on Beyonce's album. Also the Underdogs recorded 50 songs! Wow. I know they won't all make the cut but I would love to hear them. To read the full MTV.com article, which goes on to talk about the rest of the stars on the soundtrack click HERE.

    Source: MTV.com and picture of Beyonce is from the upcoming Sept issue of Essence Magazine.