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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Whitney is telling you...

    Here is a clip of Whitney Houston from back in the day singing a few Broadway songs. About fourty seconds into the video she starts to sing "And I am Telling You". At some point tin time I believe Whitney was suppose to be in DREAMGIRLS. I heard that she wanted not only to sing Deena songs but she also wanted to sing THE SONG. Obviously things didn't work out but what do you think of Whitney's rendition? Now you know Nippy can sing but no one does it like Ms. Holiday. With Whitney's version I think "She sounds great, she sang that song" with Holiday's version I think, "This woman really is here to stay. Curtis better not mess around and get beat down." Anyway, enjoy.

    Hinton Battle Speaks

    Hinton Battle who plays Wayne in DREAMGIRLS and also played James "Thunder" Early on Broadway spoke with Playbill.com about DREAMGIRLS and soon to be released Idlewild. Here is an excerpt:

    "Battle, the dancer, succeeded Cleavant Derricks in Dreamgirls on Broadway, playing James “Thunder” Early, which remains his favorite role. “You can be wild, scream, yell, and then drop your pants and have a good time. [Laughs] It was cool. Michael Bennett [who directed and choreographed] and Michael Peters [co-choreographer] came in and sort of re-crafted the role for me because I was a dancer. I loved the show, and I said, ‘I want to be involved in the movie; I don’t care how.’ [He plays Wayne.] Instead of the young buck, I’m [portraying] an older man.”

    "Eddie Murphy plays Early in the film. Did he consult at all with Battle? “No, he has his own take on it. It’s really cast well. Beyonce [Knowles as Deena] is fantastic! Jamie Foxx [Curtis Taylor Jr.] is great! I loved working with him. I’m pretty much his right-hand guy in the movie. Danny Glover [as Marty Madison] is in it. It’s a great cast.”

    To read the full article click here or go to playbill.com.

    Source: Thanks amartinpr2 for the tip and playbill.com


    If you would like to own the rare club CD Remixes for One Night Only than head over to e-bay. By the way, that is the official artwork for the One Night Only song. Here's how the e-bay ad reads:





    I have been informed that this is legit so no need to worry about authenticity. Click on BID, to go straight to the listing. You have to sign up for an e-bay account if you don't have one. So far there are only four bids with one day left for bidding so hurry if your're interested.

    P.S. For anyone that did not get to download One Night Only yet, I updated the yousendit links. So you can try to download it again. Just go down to the next post.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    One Night Only is here!

    Finally it's here and in HQ. Download and enjoy. It's amazing. I love it more and more with each listen.

    One Night Only (Deena And The Dreams Disco Version)

    One Night Only (Extended Version)*
    * It has a different ending than the other one I posted.
    Source: Beyonceworld.net, thanks marcusringthealarm for HQ, and dangerouslyfor the extended version.

    More DREAMGIRLS Oscar Buzz

    Gerard Kennedy a coloumnist for Oscarwatch.com has put in his predictions for the upcoming 2007 Oscar race. And guess what? He has DREAMGIRLS up for some Oscar nods. Here's what he had to say.

    Kenndey predicts best picture nomination for DREAMGIRLS:

    "This year, the film I’m most confident in predicting for a Best Picture slot is Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls. It should clear to anyone that Dreamworks is absolutely devoted to this one. The director is the sort who seems like he will be embraced by AMPAS eventually (Kinsey and Gods and Monsters had Oscar on their mind and garnered considerable awards attention), the crew is a good combo of AMPAS vets and ‘those who are waiting’, the music is fantastic, the story is up their alley. Moreover, it is the sort of musical, unlike The Phantom of the Opera or The Producers, that has traditionally been Oscar fodder. It is not being an operetta and has pretty serious themes underneath its ‘fun’ surface. I also feel that the Academy would jump at the chance to award a film with an all-black cast. It is true that the cast doesn’t exactly read like Oscar night regulars… but did Brokeback Mountain’s, much less Crash’s? "

    Kennedy predicts some cast nominations as well.

    Beyonce Knowles (Best Actress):
    "Beyonce, who has yet to prove she has acting chops but apparently gave it her all. Dreamgirls is poised to be dominant throughout awards’ season. Yet ultimately there were only five slots. I feel Meryl has the edge for a comedic slot, that Judd has the edge for a ‘surprise’ slot, that Bening and Winslet are leading the way and that Kidman…My instincts are telling me it's the right time for her to return to the shortlist. I’m betting Beyonce just misses."

    Jennifer Hudson (Best Supporting Actress):
    "As strange as it seems the nominee I’m most confident in predicting this year is none other than American Idol contestant (!)Jennifer Hudson. With a voice that is perfect to that of Effie White (the film’s real lead) and advance buzz that is extremely fine, I feel she’ll be able to wow with ‘look at her talent’ sentiment and wind up nominated for her film debut. "

    Jamie Foxx (Best Actor):
    " I honestly think that Jamie Foxx has a better chance than many people are giving him. ‘Word’ suggests that he has become quite an arrogant ass since his Oscar win. And while he was my pick of the nominees in ’04, his dominance in that awards’ season- and his subsequent reminding us all of said dominance last year- encourages backlash. Further, he has a very unlikeable character in Dreamgirls. ALL THAT SAID, I feel he has an excellent shot at *winning* the Comedy Globe and I also suspect he – and his film – will be all over the place come December/January. Could just be a recipe for another nod."

    Eddie Murphy (Best Supporting Actor):
    "Leading the way here is, in my opinion- and the opinion of most people observing the race at all- Eddie Murphy’s take on James Thunder Early in Dreamgirls. One of our greatest comedic talents alive, he’s never really made a serious Oscar run. That ought to be changing this year. Eddie will likely chew scenery like it’s gum in this role but that’s just what it calls for- an energetic, lively star turn with humour, a character arc and, most importantly, the ability to steal scenes. Time seems just about right for Murphy to ‘come back’ to the A-list."

    Click here and here for a full list of his predictions. As always these are Gerard Kennedy's predictions so nothing is ever concrete. Anything can happen is all I'm saying.

    Source: Thanks Rashadcascade for the tip and oscarwatch.com

    Life after filming DREAMGIRLS....

    There has been no new images or footage in a little while so I figured I can just update on some of the projects and whereabouts of the DREAMGIRLS cast. First up is Anika Noni Rose. I did a search and found that she has her own website. Click Here. She has some nice pictures which I could not get unfortunatley so we'll have to settle for this older picture of her. As far as upcoming projects for Ms. Rose, on her site she has Purlie as her upcoming project. However, I'm not sure if its old info or new but go over to her site and check it out.

    Beyonce is coming out with an album on Sept.5th titled B'Day. It will feature "Listen" the new song written by Henry Kreiger and Beyonce (I think) for DREAMGIRLS. It's suppose to be a big ballad moment so I can't wait to check that out. I-tunes and Walmart now have tracklistings for her album and "Deja Vu" her first single is available for I-tunes download.

    Jennifer Hudson has been doing performances here and there. She recently performed "Easy to Be Hard" at the Vision Awards in LA. I posted the video a couple weeks ago. Here is the most recent article on Ms. Hudson talking about her DREAMGIRLS experience and her upcoming album that will drop in 2007. Click Here.

    Jamie Foxx has been making moves as well. He has "Miami Vice" coming out this Friday. I was watching TRL yesterday and he was on the show to promote Miami Vice. Anyway, he was plugging the hell out of DREAMGIRLS. He was was running around chanting "DREAMGIRLS, DREAMGIRLS, DREAMGIRLS" trying to get the crowd to chant with him. I know Colin (his co-star in Miami Vice) was thinking "Fool we're here to plug Miami Vice" LOL. Anyway, check out Miami Vice this weekend.

    As for the rest of the cast, I did some searching and did not get anything back worth posting. So if anyone has any info about their upcoming projects or anything their doing relating to DREAMGIRLS send me a e-mail me.

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    I'm Looking for Something Baby

    Okay so everyone keeps e-mailing me for the audio of the original play. I don't feel like uploading it numerous times and if you want just the songs you can always at the very least buy the official cast album. However, since a lot of people can't watch the original play that doesn't mean you can't listen to it. So everyday I will upload a new song from the OBC. I will go in order, and today the first song (obviously) is "I'm Looking for Something" featuring The Stepp Sisters. The audio, if you haven't noticed, also has the dialogue, so it's literally the whole play. So if you stop by each day and listen to the tracks you will get the full DREAMGIRLS story. There are 27 tracks so it will take us a few weeks to complete it. Enjoy!

    DREAMGIRLS Comes True

    There is an amazing new article from IN LA Magazine about DREAMGIRLS as it goes from stage to screen. The title of the article is DREAMGIRLS Comes True and it is a really good read. It really gets my anticipation level up high. Check out the Stepp Sisters. They look good, I can't wait to see who they are. I think one of them is Fatima. Anyway, here's an excerpt from the article:

    To cast the ambitious film, Condon combined top talents from film, music and theater, with most of his first-choice actors happily signing on. With a nod to real-life, he cast multi-Grammy winner Beyoncé Knowles as Deena, the Diana Ross-like member of the trio who eventually takes center stage and becomes a huge star in her own right. Knowles' own career trajectory—starting with a little girl group called Destiny's Child and then catapulting into superstardom as a solo artist—brings some powerful layers to the Dreamgirls tale. The rest of the Dreams are Tony-winner Anika Noni Rose (Caroline or Change) as Lorrell, and American Idol's Jennifer Hudson in the pivotal Jennifer Holliday role of Effie. “The lovely thing is that each of these ladies brings something different to the party,” Mark says about the trio's diverse backgrounds.

    Almost 800 women auditioned for Effie during a six-month, nationwide search covering eight cities. “Effie is the center of this story,” Condon explains. “She's the character that you embrace the most. Jennifer just turned out to be the ideal choice. She has very big shoes to fill—Jennifer Holliday's performance is legendary—and to her credit Jennifer [Hudson] doesn't do the same thing. She has made this part her own.”

    To read the rest click here.

    Source: Thanks aashac for the tip.

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    It's About Time!

    Yay! I finally got an HQ version of the DREAMGIRLS commercial that aired during the BET Awards. This time there is no fuzziness or sound issues. It is crystal clear. The first second of the commerical (with the spotlights) is clipped off but its all good. We get the idea. Oh, I put that picture of Eddie up because he looks so focused and I haven't posted a picture of just him yet. :)

    DREAMGIRLS BET Awards commercial- HQ

    Source: Thanks Ivette.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    The Drama Continues

    Source: Maximus Inc.

    Dreams Drama

    My boy Maximus (imdb fam) was inspired by a comment that Hardcritc (imdb fam) wrote on imdb and so he made this special Dreams Star Magazine issue. Just so you know it will not be on newsstands. It's a fan made cover. I don't want you all asking me where you can get a copy. :) DREAMGIRLS is filled with drama so I thought it was fun to look at it. Makes me laugh everytime. This picture is definitely a pic of the week. Enjoy!

    More fanart, this one is by EuphoricDream (imdb fam). Euphoric had this up at imdb.com for a while but I just saw the pic today. So I had to post it. Very nice.

    Source: Maximus u crazy for this one! Euphoric Dream for the Life cover.

    Monday, July 17, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS in Hoboken, NJ

    I have some more "DREAMGIRLS in your area" information:

    The Center for the Performing Arts at DeBaun Auditorium is holding auditions for their upcoming production of DREAMGIRLS . The Center encourages performers to audition for their plays and musicals - experience is not necessarily required. Most shows are non-pay and non-Equity unless otherwise noted. Here is what they are looking for:

    The Center for the Performing Arts at DeBaun Auditorium is seeking leading African-American singer/actors, with fantastic voices that can move very well. Also casting a multi-ethnic ensemble of energetic singer/dancers.

    To get the exact deatils for audtions click here.

    To get deatils about the actual show which will be running: October 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2006 at 8pm and October 22 & 29, 2006 at 3pm in the DeBaun Auditorium click here.

    As always you can check in the side bar (scroll down) in the "DREAMGIRLS IN YOUR AREA" section to find a production near you. If you have a production of DREAMGIRLS coming up or you know of one be sure to send me a tip and I will post it.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS in Houston and Cincinnati

    The Country Playhouse theatre in Houston,TX will present DREAMGIRLS on its Cerwinske Stage July 7-29 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and two Sunday matinees July 16 and 23 at 2 p.m. To find out ticket information click here.

    In Cincinnati, Jersey Productions at the Covington arts center is also having a DREAMGIRLS production. The show will run Oct.6-8, 11-15 and there also will be a holiday show, to be announced. Click here and here for ticket information.

    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Instructions for getting free DREAMGIRLS Memorabilia

    Ok people, I am hearing that Jack is getting tons of e-mails requesting the free DREAMGIRLS memorabilia but people are not including the correct information. So for the people who are confused here are the ordering instructions again:
    Your information must be laid out in exactly this way so that Jack can cut and paste it over onto the mailing list:

    Complete First and Last Name
    Complete Street Address Without Punctuation
    Complete City State and Zip Code Without Punctuation
    Complete Email Address

    *The post office prefers not to have any punctuation in addresses, as it slows the reading of same by their computers and speeds delivery.

    *Please note that the studio is yet to produce t-shirts in XL, so if an XL or larger is requested a regular LARGE will be delivered. I wear an XL myself and share their frustration.

    So there you have it. Please send your information just like that. That way things work faster and smoother and everyone's happy.

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    FREE DREAMGIRLS Memorabilia

    Say the word FREE and everyone comes running. For all you DREAMGIRLS collectors out there here's a chance to add to your collection. Jack Morrisey has t-shirts (both styles), hand fans, stickers, and magnets that were handed out at the L.A. Pride Fest and other locations. He has decided to give out (for FREE) these items to any interested DREAMGIRLS fans. Here are some examples of what you might get:

    If you are interested in getting these items (for FREE) send your full name, mailing address, and regular email address to JackMorrissey@AOL.com, and Jack will try to send you a set of everything. Don't forget to include your t-shirt size as well!

    For anyone feeling a little uneasy about giving their info to a complete stranger please do not fear. Jack is legit and he is very much apart of the film in many different capacities so he's not some third party person. He has sent me DREAMGIRLS items in the past and nothing bad has happened to me. I'm still here. If you're still not sure you can google his name. :) I will make a permenant post in the sidebar with information about how to get the memorabilia. I'm not sure how long he will have these items so send your info as soon as you can. Enjoy!

    Easy To Be Hard

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been kind of busy lately but here is Jennifer doing what she does best.