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  • 01/30/07
    Oprah Oscar Special-Jennifer Hudson to appear

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    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    Video of The Day Pt.II

    I found this little clip of Jennifer Hudson at a nightclub in Chicago. It is recent from what I hear. The crowd tried to get her to sing and Ms.Hudson was apprehensive at first but she eventually gave in and sang a few lines. Don't expect to hear her singing anything from DREAMGIRLS anytime soon because the whole cast is under orders NOT to sing any of the material until the appropriate time. On a side note, Jennifer is looking fierce in the black dress. Work it out mama!

    Source(s): Thanks Gloriajay for the tip, Youtube

    Update: Gloriajay informed me that she is actually in DC and she was set to perform the next day at a nightclub.

    Monday, May 29, 2006


    Here is a nice little interview of Beyonce speaking with Fun Radio in Cannes.


    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Tony Awards Rumor

    So I am hearing from a few sources that "something" might be going down at this years Tony Awards on June 11th. I am hearing that the three ladies might present an award. I suggest that you TIVO this years Tonys because I'm sure you don't want to be the only one not in on the discussion. LOL. Well, you know if anything happens I will have it available for download or someone will post on youtube. For showtimes and a list of nominess click on the Tony Awards logo.

    If nothing ends up happening at the very least we can see if Oprah's The Color Purple wins any of its 11 nominations that its up for at this years awards ceremony.

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    New DREAMGIRLS Pics Surface

    Here are some new pics that surfaced from Dreamgirls via blackfilm.com. I have not seen these two pictures before so Ithought I would share witht everyone.

    Source: blackfilm.com via dc-connection board

    NB: Please DO NOT HOTLINK PICS. I am not here to host your pics. Just save to your computer and reupload in your own photo upload program. Thanks!

    Monday, May 22, 2006



    Link to youtube video: Dreamgirls Featurette
    HQ Version at Apple.com or click here :
    Dreamgirls Featurette HQ

    New Making Of 'Dreamgirls' Video

    Here is the link to the new Making of featurette from Dreamgirls:


    "Apple.com's Quicktime and iTunes will launch a brand new behind-the-scenes video featurette on May 22 for the upcoming movie musical 'Dreamgirls.'"

    Head on over to moviemusicals.net, Andrew has put up some screen shots from the featurette. I posted a couple at the bottom. I am working on getting the video capped and getting more screen shots. Check Back!

    Source: Thanks Andrew for the caps.

    Sunday, May 21, 2006


    Here are some pictures from a photoshoot that Beyonce, Jennifer and Anika did while in Cannes.

    Source: gettyimages and beyonceworld.net

    Friday, May 19, 2006


    There will be more updates so ckeck back!

    French Interview Part 1 , Part 2 (Download)
    AP Interview w/ Beyonce & Jamie (Watch)
    Entertainment Tonight (Download)
    Access HollyWood (Download)
    Extra (Watch)
    Beyonce's Interview with ET (Watch)

    Cheers for DREAMGIRLS Peek
    DREAMGIRLS Brings Blitz To Cannes
    Broadway World Review
    Movie "DREAMGIRLS" casts spell over Cannes audience
    DREAMGIRLS Footage Screened at Cannes Film Festival
    Jeffrey Wells responds to the 'DREAMGIRLS' preview
    Cannes Goes Ga-Ga Over 'DREAMGIRLS'
    Oscars 2007? ‘DREAMGIRLS
    Beyonce: 'I Lost 20 Lbs.' for DREAMGIRLS
    DREAMGIRLS Deferred
    DREAMGIRLS Exposed
    JoBolo.com Extensive DREAMGIRLS Review Part 1, Part 2

    CAPS from Entertainment Tonight
    To download Caps click here: CAPS

    Thanks to everyone who capped, downloaded, uploaded, took pictures in the street. LOL. There are so many to name but you know who you are.

    Cannes Update Pt.III

    There is video of an interview that Beyonce did with ET on the red carpet at Cannes. Click here: ETonline.com. Look to the left of the page under the first picture of Beyonce should be a "watch video" button. Click the box and you are on your way to watching it. I should make it available for upload once it gets capped from tonights show. So check back!

    Also, the first review of the 20 minute footage from DREAMGIRLS is in. Click here: REVIEW Be sure to check back for more reviews.

    Source: Beyonceworld.net for the picture


    Alright here are the first few pics from Cannes. Be sure to go to gettyimages.com to see the rest. Stay tuned for more updates.

    Jennifer Hudson "Effie White"

    Beyonce Knowles "Deena Jones"
    Anika Noni Rose "Lorell Robinson"
    Jamie Foxx "Curtis Taylor Jr."
    Bill Condon - Director/Writer


    Alright people, head over to moviemusicals.net to find out what was shown in the 20 minute clip at Cannes. Andrew will be putting up the recap around 3:20 pm ET. Stay tuned because I promise I will have pics and vid posted as soon I as I can get my hands on it!

    Better Quality Dreamgirls Banner

    I have someone in Cannes taking pictures of anything DREAMGIRLS. He just sent me these high quality pics of the DREAMGIRLS banner from all differen angles. Just thought I'd share. Be patient we should get some pictures of the cast soon.

    Thanks Kevan!

    P.S. Make sure your watching Access Hollywood, Extra or E! News tonight. They mentioned doing a segement on Dreamgirls. Someone is capping it so I should have video up tonight! Enjoy!

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Cannes Update!

    Alright people here's the deal:

    The Dreamgirls cocktail party is at 8pm and the screening will be at 9pm and then again at 10:30pm. For people who want to keep an eye out for pics, Cannes is nine hours ahead from Pacific Standard Time and six hours ahead of Eastern time.

    So since there is a time difference we probably won't get interviews until Monday. So set your Tivo's or DVR's for Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra on Monday night. I know the entertainment shows come on between 7-8pm ET. So check your local listings.

    Also... the picture up top is from the movie. Check back for more updates, we should get pictures and interviews soon.

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006


    Hey everybody! Well, I came upon a wonderful picture of a Dreamgirls banner at Cannes. Isn't it beautiful? The pictures will keep coming so keep checking back!

    Source: Thanks Perezhilton.com

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Cannes Invitation

    Official Cannes invite that I got in my e-mail. Thought you all might want to see it.

    Source: Thanks J and Jeff.

    Thursday, May 04, 2006


    Well, buckle your seats people and I hope you are saving some money. Amazon has listed a pictorial movie book for the upcoming movie Dreamgirls. It's titled "Dreamgirls: A Portrait of The Film" Here is the product descirption:

    The Newmarket Pictorial Moviebook features over 150 full-color photographs, the complete screenplay, and lyrics to all the unforgettable musical numbers from the original show as well as new songs written especially for the film.

    Can you believe this? I am definately buying it once its available which won't be until December. Anyway, the list price is at $29.95. Click on amazon.com link below to check it out for yourself.


    Source: Thanks Jen for the heads up!

    Everybody Hates Dreamgirls Update

    Here's a little update on the "Everybody Hates Dreamgirls" episode of "Everybody Hates Chris." I am hearing from some people that the actual episode is titled "Everybody Hates Jail" and it will air tonight. There is still come confusion about whether or not this is actually the Dreamgirls episode because the synopsis does not make mention of the fact. HOwever, I will be watching tonight and see if this is the case. If this turns out not to be the episode then it will most likely be the season finale episode. Stay tuned and check your local listings for air times tonight!

    Click Here for synopsis and preview:Everybody Hates Jail