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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS Myspace

    DREAMGIRLS Myspace is now up and running. So if you have a myspace account, it's a must that you sign up. I'm going to try and get exclusive pics, as well as keeping an up to date blog on any important information. So Click here to add to your friends or click the image to go to DREAMGIRLS myspace page.

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Jennifer Hudson to Play Jewel in The Best Little Whorehouse

    Ms. Hudson is quite the busy bee lately. On October 16th at 7:30 pm at the August Wilson Theatre, in New York City Jennifer will be starring as Jewel in a one night only concert of "The Best Little Whorehouse." Here is some info about the play from the actors fund website:

    "Originally staged on Broadway in 1978 (and a film starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds), WHOREHOUSE dramatizes the real-life story of a legendary house of ill-repute that remained open for many years until the Governor orders the local sheriff to shut it down. THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS is a rip-roaring, high octane production! Join Miss Mona and her girls as they take on the establishment! Don't miss this unforgettable Benefit Performance production and support The Actors' Fund. All proceeds benefit The Actors' Fund of America. Originally produced on the New York stage by Stevie Phillips in association with Universal Pictures. Originally produced by the Actors’ Studio. Cast in formation and subject to change."

    To purchase tickets and get more info about upcoming concert click here. The title of the play is so funny. I feel so dirty. :)

    Source: Thanks Curtistaylor Jr. and actorsfund.org

    Jennifer in Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine

    This is completely random but I was looking at the cover because Janet was on it and look who I found floating on the front. Yes, Jennifer Hudson looking good, it reads "DREAMGIRL Jennifer Hudson American Idol Makeover." Red is your color girl. I will go by the store today and see what they wrote up about her. I do buy Sophisticate's Black Hair so this is nice seeing Jennifer featured on the cover.

    Source: NoCbLmDePs318 and SBH

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Set Visit!

    Hey everybody, it's been a little while since an update but you got to work with what you got. Well, I'm leaving for L.A. this Thursday to visit the set of DREAMGIRLS. I don't think I'll be able to screen the movie because of my timing but I have been told I will at least get a taste. I will take lots of pictures and have a full recap when I get back. I'll be taking notes. In some other news, I am working on the Official DREAMGIRLS Myspace page and once the layout is set I will post a direct link to it. You all have to sign up and than get your friends to sign up. Finally, I am hearing that the official trailer for the film should drop late October, maybe even October 20th which will coincide with the release of Flags of Our Fathers. Whatever the case, the trailer is coming very soon since we are a little under three months away from the release date.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Trevor Meets Beyonce

    Trevor Meets Beyonce is a recent interview from the UK in which Beyonce talks about her role in DREAMGIRLS. There are new clips of what seems to be Beyonce's screen test and she also shows Trevor a couple moves from "Steppin' to The Badside." The video is low qualtiy and the sound is a little off but it is still watchable. I will put up links to download a much a better quality version in a little bit.

    Source: Thanks Clavey for the youtube upload, Vinny

    Jennifer Hudson Predicts Her Future

    This is an interesting video of Jennifer Hudson after she had been kicked off of American Idol. What's kind of eerie is that she says she "wants to be Jennifer Holliday in DREAMGIRLS". Paula follows by saying "It's only the beginning for you." It sure is Jen, it sure is. There is also an article on Jenn in the LA Daily News. Here is an excerpt:

    "Nobody knows that better than Jennifer Hudson, who was booted in the "American Idol" semi-finals in the show's third season. Host Simon Cowell told her, "You only get one shot, and the runner-ups, you ain't never gonna be seen again." No so fast. The 25-year-old Hudson will be returning in December with a starring role in film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls." Hudson plays Effie, a singer in a Supremes-style girl group who's pushed aside to make room for the more mainstream Deena (pop star Beyonce). It's a show-stopping role, and since a sneak peek at Cannes, Hudson has been made a favorite to land an Oscar nod. "

    Click here to read the full article.

    "But I knew I'd be back. My dream wasn't to win 'American Idol.' I knew something greater was in store for me. I've believed that for 17 years, and now it's finally here." -Jennifer Hudson in LA Daily News

    Source: youtube, thanks J.M. for the tip, Daily news and aasahc.

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Sharon Leal, The Fourth Dream

    Sharon Leal has a myspace page so go on over there and sign up to be her friend if you have myspace. She has a couple of pictures from DREAMGIRLS which I kind of highjacked from her page. (lol) For anyone that isn't familiar with the fourth Dream, Sharon Leal use to be on the critically acclaimed Boston Public. She's also been on Broadway, and according to her myspace she is working on her first album! Click here for Sharon's myspace and click here to watch Sharon sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" on her show Boston Public. It's kind of funny because of the old guy but her voice is beautiful.

    Source: Sharon Leal's Myspace, thanks Dfyusuf for the tip.

    Billboard Reviews 'One Night Only'

    Billboard reviewed 'One Night Only' and this is what they had to say.

    Artist: Deena Jones & The Dreams
    Single: One Night Only

    Beyonce's "B'Day" aside, there's another party in full force on dancefloors. This festive remix of "One Night Only" revives a staple that every dancing queen vividly remembers from the original Tony Award-winning "Dreamgirls" cast on Broadway some 25 years ago. Roaring up the club chart, this is the Beyonce -- credited here as Deena Jones, her character in the movie -- that many would prefer to hear, sans the hyped hip-pop production that often overpowers her talent. Helmed by the Underdogs and beat to perfection by Dan Mitzell, this is truly the stuff that melodic dreams are made of.

    Click here to read all of the single reviews.

    Source: Billboard, thanks aashac for the tip.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    From the NY Times

    Here is the newest picture from the NY Times article I posted about this weekend. This is much better quality and it's in color. Also, Happy Birthday Jennifer Hudson! She turns 25 today!

    Source: Thanks J.M.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    Hudson singing at 'An Evening of Stars'

    This is a picture from last nights taping of 'An Evening of Stars Tribute to Aretha Franklin'. I posted about it last week. Jennifer sang one of Aretha Franklin's classics entitled 'I never loved a man (the way I love you).' Someone who went to last nights show said "Miss Jennifer Hudson got the first and only standing ovation of the night. It was really an electric performance." Unfortunately, we will have to wait awhile to see the perfomance. It doesn't air until January.

    Update: Here is an excerpt of a Eurweb.com's review about the tribute:

    "Jennifer Hudson, also from American Idol wiped the performance slate clean belting "I Ain't Never Loved a Man." The upcoming Dreamgirls movie star left no question about landing the prestigious role alongside Beyonce as she dazzled the audience with her sassy delivery, leaving them wanting more.

    Later a photographer commended Hudson on her American Idol win and amazing performance. She quickly and politely clarified that she'd placed 7th on the show that spawned her discovery. Simon Cowell would have erased any belittling comment he made about the emerging powerhouse had he seen this stellar performance. Neither of the 'AI' successes are pursuing careers in Gospel music, yet their footing in the church is written all over their voices."

    Click here for the full article.

    Source: Yahoo News and festafrique , Eurweb.com.

    New Pic from NY Times Article

    I scanned the new picture from the NY Times article. Be sure to pick up a copy today. You can also read it online. Click here for the online version.

    Source: NY Times

    Saturday, September 09, 2006

    After Conquering ‘Chicago,’ It’s On to Motown

    The New York Times article has surfaced online. I will still pick up a hard copy of it tomorrow. It is a really good article and I highly recommend you read it. The article talks about Condon's journey bringing DREAMGIRLS from stage to screen. Here is an excerpt:

    "With its marquee touting three black actors who are among the most bankable figures in the entertainment world, the casting of “Dreamgirls” mirrors the crossover phenomenon its story tells. The movie follows Curtis, an ambitious Detroit manager, played by Mr. Foxx, who hustles a local 1960’s black singing group from obscurity to the top of the charts."
    “This movie is living proof that what was once the black counterculture has now become the music and movie mainstream,” Mr. Condon said, adding, “We’re at the moment now when the promise of the black Motown explosion of the 60’s has been fully realized.”

    Click here for full article!

    Source: NY Times, article written by James Ulmer

    DREAMGIRLS in NY Times

    Hey everyone, just a little heads up. There will be an article on DREAMGIRLS in the New York Times tomorrow. So be sure to pick one up at your local newsstands. Hopefully, I will get scans and put them up sometime tomorrow. If you happen to get scans before I do, I would appreciate it if you sent me an e-mail. Thanks!

    Source: Thanks K.C. for the tip, and NY Times

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Beyonce's "One Night Only" Sweepstakes

    Here is a contest that I think you all might be interested in.

    BET Official and Beyonce are giving you the chance have the night of a lifetime. Enter Beyonce's "One Night Only" Sweepstakes for a chance to win:


    Grand Prize includes:
    *First class airfare for 2 to New York City with 5 STAR hotel accomodation for the premiere of "Dreamgirls."
    *Meet Beyonce
    *Walk The Red Carpet!

    Enter now for your chance to win! You need to be a BET.com user in order to participate. It's quick and easy to register.

    Click here for an entry form and more information.

    Source: Bet.com, Beyonceonline.com

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Page to Screen

    Kristopher Tapley of the blog Page to Screen wrote up a review of Bill Condon's script for DREAMGIRLS. Here is what he had to say:

    Written by Bill Condon

    "The script for “Dreamgirls” is as alive and brisk as Condon's adaptation of “Chicago” in 2002. Featuring four as of then unwritten original songs as well as plenty of the original musical’s numbers to fill the margins, “Dreamgirls” really does leap off the page and announce prime awards opportunities for Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson (as if we were not aware of that already). The story zips along and is a real page-turner, while the epic nature of the tale (captured beautifully in the as of yet unreleased trailer) is evident throughout. All the cards are really lining up in this film’s favor this year."

    Click here for a link to his blog Page to Screen and the write up.

    Source: Thanks MrGoldenGlobes for the heads up, and Kristopher Tapley

    Free Memorabilia Update

    Hey everyone, I have a little update from Jack for everyone who signed up for memorabilia.

    Hey folks,

    Nothing's been sent out yet, so don't worry...But lots of people have been writing or posting to ask what's going on with the mailing of the stuff, so it's worth discussing.

    The question is what stuff everyone will get. If you live close enough to a city where we're going to hold an early screening in December, and you've already sent me your contact info, then you'll at least get to see the movie early.

    But since I'm probably going to end up mailing stuff out myself, I thought I'd wait to figure out something special and unique for everyone later in the season. Most of the first wave of stuff, which as you know was made for Gay Pride and African-American music festivals, was given out by the studio. I do have some of it left, but not enough for everyone to get one of everything, the way I'd originally hoped.

    The bigger issue is that the first wave of t-shirts, hand fans, stickers, and magnets was eactly that - the first wave. The studio will be making lots more of it, in different designs and styles, but there's simply no way to keep mailing all of it to everyone. So create that Favorite Search at eBay now.

    I thought, instead of going to great lengths to send out stuff that was made to be given out to walkups at summer festivals, to try to figure out something for all of the hardcore fans that no one else has. So let's trade ideas of what you guys might like in the way of a one time-shipment of a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabalia - something doable for the 500 of you who have signed up, which will preclude props or autographs.

    One other thing - the major point that needs to be made today - B-Day - is that this offer was originally conceived over the summer as a thank you to you hardcore fans who were frequenting this board (and [the] blog) well in advance of the movie's opening out of your enthusiasm for the original show. To this end, if you're not hardcore enough to have been to this board or the blog to read this by now, then ya ain't hardcore enough!

    So this offer is now closed, and after a brief discussion of what you guys might like, we can let this thread pass away into the dusty summer archives of this board.

    Happy Birthday Beyonce!


    P.S. Happy B'Day Beyonce. Be sure to cop the album, its out today!!!

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Deena and Diana

    This is a scan of a review for Beyonce's new album. I thought it was interesting how they included the comparisons of Bee and Diana.

    Vintage Videos

    Here are some DREAMGIRLS videos that were posted on youtube.com. The first three videos are great and the last one is very interesting.

    Jennifer Holiday singing "One Night Only" on Saturday Night Only

    Jennifer Holiday "And I Am Telling You" on Satruday Night Live

    Lillias White "I am Changing" 2001 Benefit Concert


    Source: Thanks Curtis for the heads up, respected video owner.

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    DREAMGIRLS in San Diego and Long Island

    Moonlight Stage Productions in San Diego (Vista) will have a production of DREAMGIRLS. If you live in the area the production will be at Moonlight Stage Productions September 13-24 (Wednesdays through Sundays)at 7:30 pm. Click here for ticket information.

    Here is a flyer for another DREAMGIRLS production that will be in Long Island, NY.

    Source: Thanks dantesinfern04 , Moonlight Stage Productions, and CM Performing Arts Center

    Heavy, Heavy

    If you happen to live in Washington State than I have some good news for you. There is a production of DREAMGIRLS at the Performing Arts Theatre at Columbia Basin College. The show is running September 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9 at 8:00 pm in the CBC Theatre. The Tri-City Herald reviewed the show and wrote this in its Arts and Entertainement section:

    "Not only does the music blow you away in this CBC production, the costumes also are nothing short of dazzling. As for the performances by the 20-member cast, there's just one word to describe it: Wow! And that was just from watching a full-run dress rehearsal this week."

    You can read the full article here. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to this show click here for more information.

    Moving on, Music World Entertainment (management company of Beyoncé and Destiny's Child) is having a "Countdown to B'Day" listening party for Beyonce's soon to be released sophmore cd B'Day. In the press release it was mentioned that there will be "never-before-scene clips from the not-yet-released Dreamgirls movie" in addtion to live entertainment, a Beyoncé album listening session, and a live direct Beyoncé concert feed from Tokyo. So if you live in the Houston, TX area or you are able to get there than here is the info from the press release:

    When: Monday, Sept. 4, 2006 (Labor Day)
    9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Red Carpet Arrivals)
    Press Check In: 8:00pm
    Note: Please arrive early, first come first serve- up to capacity

    Where: Warehouse Live (Note: New Venue, due to overwhelming response)
    813 St. Emanuel Street, Houston, TX. 77003 (Tel. 713-225-LIVE)
    *Valet parking will be available

    Contact:Priscilla Clarke (240) 476-9643
    Marcus Harris (832) 692-3371
    Tiffany Halik (713) 225-0640

    Jennifer Hudson is featured in a TMZ.com article titled "When Reality Stars Become REAL Stars" There is a little blurb written up about her and here it is:

    "Jennifer Hudson, like Clarkson, got her start on "American Idol" but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, she didn't win. After being voted off midway through the third season of the "Idol" finals, many thought Hudson would wind up just another reality show contestant ... waiting tables at Applebees. But Hudson surprised everyone by beating out hundreds of singers, including "Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino, to land a role in the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" alongside Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx. Although the film doesn't come out until December, early buzz says Hudson is so good she could get an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress. Nomination or not, Jennifer Hudson is already turning out to be a true American idol."

    Click here for the full article.

    Source: Musicworld Entertainment, Basin College, TMZ.com

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    A Tribute To Aretha Franklin

    The United Negro College Fund is putting on its annual An Evening of Stars. This year Aretha Franklin, the undisputed "Queen of Soul," is being honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence. Among the people who will be honoring Ms. Franklin is none other than Jennifer Hudson as well as Smokey Robinson,Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, James Ingram, Michael Bolton and Stevie Wonder. The three hour show will be taped on Sept. 8 and 9 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California. It will air nationwide in late Janurary 2007. Jennifer Hudson will be performing during the Sept. 9th taping. All tickets to the show are $27, to purchase tickets click here and click here for more information on the shows taping schedule and performers.

    Source: UNCF Official Site

    DREAMGIRLS Reviews and News!

    There are a couple of articles related to the song "Listen" that I thought people might be interested in. The first is from the LA Times where Geoff Boucher interviewed Beyonce on the set of the video for "Listen." Here is an excerpt:

    "At the video shoot in the Los Angeles Times' corporate offices, the crew clapped when Beyoncé finished her smoldering performance and a few shook their heads, marveling at her intensity. They didn't know that it was the restraint of stepping into a movie role that had set the stage for a newly impassioned pop star. "In the movie I had to sing really soft and the thing is a little more contrived and not soulful … whenever I would go into the studio, back when we were prerecording the music, the director kept saying don't growl, don't belt out notes, don't sing so high, don't go on any runs. I felt like I needed to release all of that. That's why I was screaming the song. I couldn't have that passion for so long." She laughed. "It felt good."

    Click here to read the full article.

    The second article is a review of "Listen" by Mr. Brown of rottentomatoes.com. Here is an excerpt:

    "There have been two early criticisms of the song: (1) this power ballad doesn't feel entirely of a piece of the score's largely classic soul sound; and (2) Knowles's rafter-shaking belt is the antithesis of Deena's softer, sweeter voice. In the case of the first, the song may not sound nor feel terribly specific to the period and overall genre, but Krieger has given it a fairly timeless pop quality that enables it to place comfortably in the '60s-'70s setting; in fact, the terrific production by The Underdogs achieves the tricky feat of sounding like something relevant even to today's popular music yet also having the epic emotional bombast of classic Broadway showtunes."

    Click here for the full article.

    Source: rottentomatoes.com and LATimes

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Beyonceonline.com has a new pic!

    I have not seen this particular picture before, there is a similar one where she is looking at Curtis(below). Both pictures are posted at Beyonce's official website which just went live. She has new promo pictures from her album and a bunch of DREAMGRILS photos. In addition, there are lyrics to all the songs off the upcoming album including Listen from the DREAMGIRLS soundtrack. So go check it out. Click here.

    Thanks **4 days until B-Day**.

    Keith Robinson's Official Myspace

    Keith Robinson who plays C.C. White in DREAMGIRLS has a myspace page and I would love it if everyone who has myspace would add him to their friends list. Click here for his page. He has some music up as well as pictures of him on the set with the rest of the DREAMGIRLS cast. Can I just say I love the song "The One" that's on his page. In one of the articles that I posted a while back it was mentioned that he would come out with an album in 07'. I don't know if that's still true but I will be checking for his album when it comes out. Anyway, go over there and show him some love.

    Source: Thanks Michael for the heads up