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    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    More DREAMGIRLS Oscar Buzz

    Gerard Kennedy a coloumnist for Oscarwatch.com has put in his predictions for the upcoming 2007 Oscar race. And guess what? He has DREAMGIRLS up for some Oscar nods. Here's what he had to say.

    Kenndey predicts best picture nomination for DREAMGIRLS:

    "This year, the film I’m most confident in predicting for a Best Picture slot is Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls. It should clear to anyone that Dreamworks is absolutely devoted to this one. The director is the sort who seems like he will be embraced by AMPAS eventually (Kinsey and Gods and Monsters had Oscar on their mind and garnered considerable awards attention), the crew is a good combo of AMPAS vets and ‘those who are waiting’, the music is fantastic, the story is up their alley. Moreover, it is the sort of musical, unlike The Phantom of the Opera or The Producers, that has traditionally been Oscar fodder. It is not being an operetta and has pretty serious themes underneath its ‘fun’ surface. I also feel that the Academy would jump at the chance to award a film with an all-black cast. It is true that the cast doesn’t exactly read like Oscar night regulars… but did Brokeback Mountain’s, much less Crash’s? "

    Kennedy predicts some cast nominations as well.

    Beyonce Knowles (Best Actress):
    "Beyonce, who has yet to prove she has acting chops but apparently gave it her all. Dreamgirls is poised to be dominant throughout awards’ season. Yet ultimately there were only five slots. I feel Meryl has the edge for a comedic slot, that Judd has the edge for a ‘surprise’ slot, that Bening and Winslet are leading the way and that Kidman…My instincts are telling me it's the right time for her to return to the shortlist. I’m betting Beyonce just misses."

    Jennifer Hudson (Best Supporting Actress):
    "As strange as it seems the nominee I’m most confident in predicting this year is none other than American Idol contestant (!)Jennifer Hudson. With a voice that is perfect to that of Effie White (the film’s real lead) and advance buzz that is extremely fine, I feel she’ll be able to wow with ‘look at her talent’ sentiment and wind up nominated for her film debut. "

    Jamie Foxx (Best Actor):
    " I honestly think that Jamie Foxx has a better chance than many people are giving him. ‘Word’ suggests that he has become quite an arrogant ass since his Oscar win. And while he was my pick of the nominees in ’04, his dominance in that awards’ season- and his subsequent reminding us all of said dominance last year- encourages backlash. Further, he has a very unlikeable character in Dreamgirls. ALL THAT SAID, I feel he has an excellent shot at *winning* the Comedy Globe and I also suspect he – and his film – will be all over the place come December/January. Could just be a recipe for another nod."

    Eddie Murphy (Best Supporting Actor):
    "Leading the way here is, in my opinion- and the opinion of most people observing the race at all- Eddie Murphy’s take on James Thunder Early in Dreamgirls. One of our greatest comedic talents alive, he’s never really made a serious Oscar run. That ought to be changing this year. Eddie will likely chew scenery like it’s gum in this role but that’s just what it calls for- an energetic, lively star turn with humour, a character arc and, most importantly, the ability to steal scenes. Time seems just about right for Murphy to ‘come back’ to the A-list."

    Click here and here for a full list of his predictions. As always these are Gerard Kennedy's predictions so nothing is ever concrete. Anything can happen is all I'm saying.

    Source: Thanks Rashadcascade for the tip and oscarwatch.com

    Comments on "More DREAMGIRLS Oscar Buzz"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:53 AM) : 

    I disagree. I think everyone will be nominated, including Beyonce, and JHud will be nominated for Best Actress, not supporting. She and DG will not be denied!!!!!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:35 AM) : 

    You forgot other sure bets: Bill Condon for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. He's the best thing to happen to Dreamgirls.


    Blogger DREAMGIRLS said ... (9:55 AM) : 

    I did not make these predictions. If I did, trust me Bill would be on the top of the list. From the early reviews it realy sounds like he "got it". I really hope he gets nominated. No reason why he shouldn't be if this movie is as maginificant as I think it will be.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:47 PM) : 



    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:21 PM) : 

    I believe that Dreamgirls is a worthy film for Oscar Nominations. However, I dont understand how Beyonce will even remotrly be considered. SHe is a great singer and there is no denying that but she is NO actress! Jennifer Hudson on the other hand might have a shot. Lets be real here people. Some stars should stick to what works for them. need i remind you of "Fighting Temptations" and the "Pink Panther"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:13 PM) : 

    im speechless! The movie is awesome, j.hudson is amazing!!!!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:18 PM) : 

    Why does everyone consider Beyonce's performance acting? She played a singer/pretty face...WOW what a stretch.

    She said she had to sing lighter, yet every vein in her forehead pops out when she yells the song "listen." Her voice sounds forced and has no character or soul, unlike Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce played a glamourous singer who was controled by her manager, how is that acting, that is her life.

    Com'on people, do not be swayed by the marketing...I cannot believe people are even considering her for an Oscar.


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